What to wear to a 90’s party? 8 Effortless Ideas

90s was bold and daring. Some would even say! It was crazy. Yet everyone loved 90s, and they still do. You go a 90s themed party, and be amazed from level of involvement and excitement. Everyone makes 90s speak for itself.

It is all about how to dress up for a 90s party. The crux is to dress the way they did in decade of 90s. Daring, vibrant, loose and free. So much so that some women might find it too much to show off in a 90s dress. But who cares? It is party time, and let’s have a fun.

Here we would walk you through eight mind-blowing exciting 90s dress ideas. Here we go! We dare you to dress like 90s.

Pleated mini skirt with button-up shirt

It is Britney Spears’ mainstay fashion statement for 90s or any fictional character themed parties. Simple yet catchy outfit that would make you stand out and distinct among bamboozling fashion colors at your party.

Pair a pleated mini skirt with a white, or any other colour that you might find more attractive, button up shirt. Knotted the better – around your upper waist, knot in the middle, above your navel.

Denim shorts/skirts with sheer crop tops

Hip hop, grunge and other subcultures were central to 90s fashion expression. Still celebs like Drew Barrymore and Kate Moss thrive on that grunge look at theme parties.

A frayed denim skirts or shorts with a sheer crop tops would take you back in that era. You may add a black biker jacket on top and combat boots. It would complete your attire.

Plaid skirt-suits

You might not want to sway too far away and rely on some simplicity in your dressing code. Then a plaid skirt suit is the idea you can work around.

Matching in any single colour or in contrast such as black and white is perfect to go with. Pair with thick elevated heel shoes like of Mary Jane’s and perhaps a mini bag in accessories.

Printed wide leg pants with cropped mesh top

When you think of any celeb that has done more than anyone else for sustaining 90s fashion even better and stronger, you find Gwen Stefani in the lead. She has introduced accessories like fingerless gloves, face jewelry and much more to revive and thrive 90s. Her catalyst 90s themed party wear is printed wide leg pants with cropped mesh top. You can style your hair spiky like hers, broad belt and other accessories.

Slip dress

A simple yet very strong 90s dress idea is slip dress. It still is hugely popular for all sort of themed parties. It is a quick fix too. A sequinned or plain dress with some jewellery to add with would leave too much for you to show off and say for itself. Let your hair loose over back of your shoulders. High heel shoes can make you slimmer and fitter.

Flared high-waisted Cheetah printed pants

Have you ever come across Mel B aka Scary Spice or her picture in Cheetah printed party costume? If so, you would get the entire idea of dressing. She pairs her flagship Cheetah printed flared high waist paints with Bralette, body suit or bra, which of course are in Cheetah print too. Her curly hair makes her look stunning. You can copy her exactly to create a 90s look for your party.

High-waisted jeans

It might sound ordinary but high waisted denim with matching or white baggy shirt still makes 90s would say it all. When you just can’t conceive how would it make you look, think of Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston from popular American television show Friends, and it could give you the entire concept how you can dress in them.  

A-line 90’s outfit female skirt

A denim fitted and A-line mini skirts was very popular women outfit, especially during first half of 90s. When paired with a glittering black colour jacket can help you shine out among your party crowd. Dark and bright leather jacket would certainly glorify your fair complexion. Usually this skirt is tried on tights or stockings.

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